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MINAS is a consortium of key technology institutes at the RWTH Aachen University and covers a largely vertically integrated expertise from material development, process and device technology up to system integration. The research topics are both of fundamental- and application-oriented nature. Novel materials like phase-change, 2-dimensional materials, organic and inorganic wide bandgap semiconductors are investigated as basis for novel electronic, photonic and sensing devices and circuits. The development of energy-efficient devices for power and RF electronics, displays, solid-state lighting and organic and hybrid photovoltaics are examples of ou research domains. Low power, energy-efficient active and memory device research addresses future challenges of the information and communication technology.

With these technologies we jointly address a variety of societal challenges such as safe table water using UV-LEDs (e.g. https://www.photonics21.org/), next generation computing (post von-Neumann) and displays integrating new devices based on non-volatile and 2D materials, novel circuits and architectures.


MINAS Institutes


Materials & Devices

Micro and Nano Systems (MNS)
Electronic Materials Research Lab (EMRL)
Semiconductor Electronics (IHT)
Electronic Devices (ELD)
Integrated Photonics (IPH)
Compound Semiconductor Technology (CST)
Power Electronics and Electrical Devices (ISEA)

Simulation & Design

Integrated Analog Circuit and RF Systems (IAS)
Integrated Digital Systems and Circuit Design (IDS)
Electromagnetic Theory (ITHE)